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The Now-ist

Just another sunny day on a golf course in Santa Barbara California? This same dot on a map- in a world of billions, became the location and catalytic point of discovering. Life was about to reveal an omniscient truth about us all. On this very site, Billy had been knocked unconscious not once, but twice, throughout the years. You might say it was a red herring of sorts. The conscious mind can be the great undoing for sentient beings. Apparently, the universe needed to literally smack Billy on the head, a couple of times to get his full attention. The “Satori” or flash of enlightenment that followed this monumental day, would change lives forever. Synchronistic events immediately followed and continue to shine divine light on this inspirational journey.
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Meet Billy Mandarino

Billy Mandarino is an artist, musician, and business owner. He fell in love with his wife and Santa Barbara, California at the same moment. After eleven years of marriage, they experienced the greatest day in life, the birth of their daughter. Billy experienced a flash of enlightenment, one very unusual day on a golf course. A mystical series of synchronistic events led him to find his ultimate calling: teaching, speaking and sharing his inspiration and love of The Now-ist with the world.
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