About Billy Mandarino

Billy Mandarino lives in Santa Barbara, California with his wonderful wife, Desa Marie, and their incredible daughter, Gianna. Billy claims that he fell in love with his wife and Santa Barbara simultaneously. This is the magical city that brought them together more than twenty five years ago.
The inspiration and truth Billy Mandarino presents in The Now-ist is a life-changing creation. Not only for the author, but more importantly, the readers and souls he serves. With a spiritual hunger that is never quenched, Billy dives deep into the essence of us all. He takes the common place and makes it “real.”
Growing up in a five-sibling, multiple-divorces family, with all its dynamic layers and change, initially shaped the author’s spirituality. Transformed by various religious practices and study through-out his life, he has recognized via life experience, the treasures that reside within us all to be discovered. It is his ultimate calling to light the way, for the ones called to the same magnetic energy that inspired him to write this very book.
Billy has a presence that is felt in his writing and penetrates even deeper in person. Most of his life, people are drawn to him for advice and direction in all areas of life. He is incessantly of service to others and has recognized that the inspiration to write The Now-ist is his highest calling. He feels uniquely blessed to share his light with millions around the globe.