Be Responsible For The Energy You Bring To Your Day

When your feet hit the ground each morning, are you taking charge of your energy to co-create your day?

When you wake up each day are you deciding to make each day your own?

We can decide what our energy is going to look like in the morning by having a solid routine that sets the tone for the remainder of our day.

Like is attracted to like, so take responsibility for the energy you start your day with. Bring in the type of energy that you want and need to accomplish your tasks, reach your goals and attract the things into your life that you truly desire.

We have the ability to create or co-create the life we want by being responsible for the energy we bring to our day. Our feelings play a huge role in what magnetizes to us. Make sure your energy and the feelings you start your day with are elevated to the same level of the habits and things you want to create in your life.

You can change your life one day, one morning, one moment at a time by taking responsibility for your energy, feelings and how you start your day.

I’m Billy Mandarino, The Now-ist and this is One Minute In The Now.

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