The Words We Speak To Ourselves Matter

Have you ever paid attention to the words you speak to yourself? As a singer, songwriter and musician, we often hear the term head voice.  The head voice in singing means to sing with high, soft notes from our head.  Taking this concept and applying it to life let’s think through how we think and […]

What are you experiencing in your life that you can’t explain?

Have you ever tried to explain to someone what something tastes like or feels like?  Something that might be hard to explain with words is often hard to describe.  To experience the great unknown, is to experience enlightenment. This is also known as present moment awareness, which is something you can’t describe or explain.  What […]

Do you feel stress from your busy schedule?

Does it ever feel like the days are just flying by and slipping away from you with a busy schedule? I get it. My life is full of busy days and FULL schedules. I’ll bet you are or have been experiencing the same feelings. Stress can creep in due to overwhelm and too much focus […]

Are you approval seeking?

“People who want the most approval, get the least and people who need approval the least, get the most.”  This is a powerful quote by the late Dr. Wayne Dyer that has always stuck with me.  Approval seeking is something we’ve all done. However, seeking approval is really a fallacy and a dead end street.  […]

Are your habits & rituals serving you?

Did you know that your rituals and habits can make or break your life? The secret to life is found in your daily routines.  Your rituals and habits breed confidence. The repetition of having good habits in place for yourself helps you build momentum. The more consistent you become with new, healthy habits, the more […]
How To Use Your Thinking & Imagination to Manifest

How To Use Your Thinking & Imagination to Manifest

Synchronicity is a concept, first introduced by analytical psychologist Carl Jung, which holds that events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related. The synchronicities in your life are there to show you the way and guide you. Synchronistic thinking is a concept from my upcoming book, The Now-ist. It teaches […]

How to Change your Point of Attraction

How do you change your point of attraction, when things don’t seems to be working out your way? In conversation with friends recently, it seemed the common theme was… “I am stuck and depressed about what I have been bringing into my life.” The first thought and inspiration that came to my mind, for each […]

Cross the Bridge that is the NOW

Our day to day existence, appears to live in two worlds. You live in the material world of the physical and you also live in the spiritual world, of internal force and energy. The bridge between these two worlds is called the NOW. Imagine you are stressed and taking on the “weight of the world.” […]

The Cross and The Now

Today I want to talk about the cross, that universal symbol that brings so many people peace, joy, and connection. Traditionally it is a symbol of suffering. We recognize that Jesus died on the cross. I would like you to think about the cross differently today. Imagine the cross as a intersection of lines. You […]