Cross the Bridge that is the NOW

Our day to day existence, appears to live in two worlds. You live in the material world of the physical and you also live in the spiritual world, of internal force and energy. The bridge between these two worlds is called the NOW. Imagine you are stressed and taking on the “weight of the world.” You find a quite moment, to interrupt the inertia of your day. Your breathing is deep and soulful. Your body is relaxed and loose. You use your imagination to picture a serene setting and you are there. When you can live there consistently throughout your day. You will find that your life changes and attracts more of what you are like, in that new Now moment. Remember, the Law of attraction is never broken. You get more of what you think about and more importantly feel, whether you like it or not. Cross that bridge that is the Now. You can take control of your life by letting go of it. In this world of doing to be, it seems counter intuitive. From my experience, I find where the masses go and go the other direction. You are more powerful than you know.

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