How to Change your Point of Attraction

How do you change your point of attraction, when things don’t seems to be working out your way? In conversation with friends recently, it seemed the common theme was… “I am stuck and depressed about what I have been bringing into my life.” The first thought and inspiration that came to my mind, for each of them, was this… Find out where you can be of service to another, be it emotionally, socially, spiritually, and even financially. This will change your point of attraction, by opening up the conduit of giving and abundance in your life. The key here, is to give first. You can only receive once you have given. The attractor point is in the giving, without any hope or expectation of getting. In short, go find someone that cannot repay you. For example, find an elderly person that is lonely. Take them to lunch or dinner and just listen. Spend time in service from your heart. You could also give your time to a homeless shelter or donation some money without judgment and feelings of distain. The most important catalyst for changing your point of attraction, is to get the focus off of yourself. Once you let go of your ego and it’s selfish attention, you will attract what it is you want.

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