The Cross and The Now

Today I want to talk about the cross, that universal symbol that brings so many people peace, joy, and connection. Traditionally it is a symbol of suffering. We recognize that Jesus died on the cross.

I would like you to think about the cross differently today. Imagine the cross as a intersection of lines. You have a vertical line and then a horizontal line. The vertical line represents Divine Time. The horizontal line represents Chronological Time.

Where those two lines intersect or cross members meet, I want you to focus on that spot right there. The intersection of Divine Time, that is crossed with Chronological or Linear Time, that is the Now!

When you can take your awareness and just breath and focus on one moment, you take yourself out of Chronological Time. When you have done that you enter Divine Time and that cross is the NOW.

Next time you see a cross or hold it in your hands or most importantly pray to the cross. Imagine the power this intersection of the two cross members make and how it can transmute the narrow focus of your day, to the abundant all omniscient truth of life. Everything that has ever happen or will happen to you, always happens in the Now.

One Minute In The Now<< >>Cross the Bridge that is the NOW

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