The Words We Speak To Ourselves Matter

Have you ever paid attention to the words you speak to yourself?

As a singer, songwriter and musician, we often hear the term head voice. 

The head voice in singing means to sing with high, soft notes from our head. 

Taking this concept and applying it to life let’s think through how we think and talk to ourselves all the time; how we sing and speak to ourselves. 

The words we choose matter. We want to choose words that are positive and confident. 

Make sure you choose notes and words that are beautiful, ones where you speak nice to yourself and well of yourself. 

In choosing the right words in your head voice of life, you’ll attract more abundance. 

Learn How To Own Your Personal Power

Change Your Self-Talk, Change Your Life.

How you carry yourself and the energy you put out is a reflection of your self-talk.

You can learn how to shift your head voice to create self-talk that will set you up for success and use the power of your mind to shift your reality.

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