What are you experiencing in your life that you can’t explain?

Have you ever tried to explain to someone what something tastes like or feels like? 

Something that might be hard to explain with words is often hard to describe. 

To experience the great unknown, is to experience enlightenment. This is also known as present moment awareness, which is something you can’t describe or explain. 

What in your life are you experiencing that you can’t explain? 

What are the rich things in your life that you would love for others to have the experience of?

When you share your experiences with others it is a divine way of paying it forward.

Sharing commonalities with others and wishing they experience better for themselves is how you change the world. 

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Learn How To Own Your Personal Power

Be in the experience instead of trying to explain it.

Being mindful of the words and explanations we use in our lives is important.

I want to teach you how our experiences are different than our explanation of them. Change the way you look at things & the things you look at change.

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